Expect the Unexpected: Student Life

Moving away from home has been one of the biggest steps in my life so far, especially at such a young age. Despite being an adult, it left me feeling like a child wanting to cling onto my mother’s leg, as if it was the first day of primary school. Well, kind of.

 My parents wanted to allow me to socialise with my new flatmates. So they said goodbye and backed out of my room. From this moment it occurred to me I was now independent and truly an adult. I imagined that when they left I would be in tears, yet all I could think about was how much I had to unpack and organise. Especially in the kitchen.

 A big, and obvious part of a student’s life is cooking. Most will familiarise themselves with pot noodles and microwave meals. I tried my first pot noodle here at university and I threw it in the bin. Call me Nigella Lawson, but I prefer to make my own meals. ‘Pasta a la sauce from Tescos’ a couple of days in a row for lunch and dinner works perfectly. One piece of advice I received many times was ‘refrigerate and freeze meals’, but with what space? I ask myself this as I sigh at a tiny fridge struggling to hold the contents of six students’ food. Another piece of advice is to get a recipe book. For some this will be like God’s gift and to others, well, a nice decoration for their room.

 The thing that dawned on me most about moving into halls was, who will my new family be? These are also known as flatmates, but believe me, give it time and they’ll feel like family.  A few weeks in and I was being used as a weight in the kitchen. First year of university, it’s always full of surprises.


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